Best Tom For Rose Prick Dupe

Tom Ford’s Rose Prick is a captivating fragrance with its unique blend of spicy and floral notes. However, its high price tag may not fit everyone’s budget. If you’re in search of an affordable alternative that captures the essence of Rose Prick, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore ten dupe options that offer a similar scent profile at a fraction of the cost. These alternatives will satisfy your desire for a rich and earthy rose perfume without breaking the bank.

The Scent Profile of Rose Prick

Rose Prick is a rose floral fragrance that was released by Tom Ford in 2020. It opens with spicy and peppery top notes, which are complemented by a fragrant bouquet of May, Bulgarian, and Turkish rose. As the fragrance settles, a subtle lemony undertone emerges, while the bold rose notes continue to dominate. The accord has an earthiness that evokes the aroma of fragrant rose incense, adding depth and complexity to the scent. It strikes the perfect balance between refinement and allure.

What to Look for in a Dupe for Rose Prick

When searching for an alternative fragrance, it’s important to find one that captures the essence of Rose Prick. Look for scents that have powdery and earthy rose notes in the dry down, avoiding overly sweet fragrances. The opening should feature a spicy and peppery blend that remains throughout the wear, with a strong projection and moderate scent trail. With these criteria in mind, let’s explore the ten best dupes for Tom Ford’s Rose Prick.

1. Impression of Tom Ford – Rose Prick by Oil Perfumery

First on our list is “Impression of Tom Ford – Rose Prick” by Oil Perfumery. This dupe offers a surprisingly full-bodied fragrance with excellent projection and longevity. The spicy opening of this scent is even more pronounced than in Rose Prick, with a smokiness that develops as the fragrance matures throughout the day. A subtle jalapeno note adds an unexpected twist. If you loved the spicy opening of Rose Prick and wished it lingered longer, this dupe is perfect for you.

2. Love Chopard by Chopard for Women

For a more jammy alternative to Rose Prick, consider “Love Chopard” by Chopard for Women. This fragrance exudes a natural rose water vibe from the first spray, gradually developing into a sugary and fruity scent. The cacao notes add an earthy touch, which becomes more prominent as time passes. If you’re looking for a sweeter fragrance that still features rose notes and an earthy dry down, Love Chopard is an excellent choice.

3. Thorned Rose by ALT

Thorned Rose by ALT is a dupe that closely resembles Tom Ford’s Rose Prick. Although the opening has a slightly synthetic quality, it quickly fades away, revealing a spicy and peppery blend that lasts throughout the wear. The rose note in Thorned Rose is slightly muted compared to Rose Prick, but the longevity and projection are impressive. If you can overlook the initial synthetic impression, Thorned Rose is an affordable alternative that captures the essence of the original fragrance.

4. Rose Jam 2012 by Lush

For a gourmand twist on Rose Prick, look no further than “Rose Jam 2012” by Lush. This fragrance offers a unique combination of green and jammy notes. The opening evokes the scent of freshly cut grass, followed by a delightful strawberry jam aroma. The rose note gradually becomes more prominent, accompanied by a subtle lemony undertone. With extreme longevity, a few sprays of Rose Jam will last you all day.

5. Prickly Rose by Alexandria Fragrances

If you enjoy the spicy opening of Rose Prick and wish it lasted longer, “Prickly Rose” by Alexandria Fragrances is the perfect dupe for you. The fragrance opens with a bold combination of Sichuan pepper and turmeric, which continues to linger throughout the wear. The rose note is slightly less pronounced than in Rose Prick, but the overall scent profile remains true to the original. While it may not have the same longevity and projection, Prickly Rose offers an affordable option for fragrance enthusiasts.

6. Shaghaf Oud Aswad by Swiss Arabian

For a woody alternative with deep rose notes, “Shaghaf Oud Aswad” by Swiss Arabian is worth exploring. The fragrance opens with a slightly synthetic scent that quickly fades to reveal a captivating blend of woody oud and intense rose. As the fragrance develops, a subtle sweetness reminiscent of ripened fruit emerges. The oud base, accompanied by smooth vanilla notes, adds depth and complexity. If you appreciate an earthy dry down with a touch of soapiness, Shaghaf Oud Aswad is an excellent choice.

7. Rosa’s Thorn by The Dua Brand

Rosa’s Thorn by The Dua Brand offers a unisex alternative to Rose Prick, capturing the overall essence of the fragrance. The opening is bolder, with more pronounced turmeric and Sichuan pepper notes compared to the original. The rose notes are intense and take on an earthier vibe as the scent settles. With strong sillage and projection, Rosa’s Thorn is suitable for those seeking a more masculine and earthy interpretation of Rose Prick.

8. Rose Amber by The 7 Virtues

Rose Amber by The 7 Virtues is an alternative that offers a more subtle take on rose notes. The fragrance features a full-bodied rose scent that develops an earthier vibe in the dry down. Although the rose notes are not as prominent as in Rose Prick, the overall fragrance profile remains true to the original. With impressive longevity, Rose Amber is a great choice for those who appreciate a more understated rose fragrance.

9. Norma Jean by Be Layered

Norma Jean by Be Layered offers a greener opening compared to Rose Prick, but it settles into a fragrance with a strong peppery vibe. The rose notes in Norma Jean are slightly muted, and the tonka bean note adds a subtle sweetness throughout the wear. As the fragrance matures, the patchouli notes become more prominent, contributing to an earthy dry down. If you’re looking for an alternative with a greener opening and an earthier base, Norma Jean is a great option.

10. Young Rose by Byredo

For a muskier interpretation of Rose Prick, consider “Young Rose” by Byredo. This fragrance emphasizes strong musk notes that intensify as the scent develops throughout the day. While the rose notes take a backseat, hints of Sichuan pepper, iris, and citrus add complexity and intrigue. The synthetic amber vibe becomes more prominent after a few hours. If you find that the rose notes aren’t projecting as much as you’d like, try layering Young Rose with another rose-based perfume.


Tom Ford’s Rose Prick is undoubtedly a captivating fragrance, but its price may not be accessible to everyone. Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives that capture the essence of Rose Prick without compromising on quality. Whether you prefer a spicier opening, a sweeter jammy scent, or a muskier interpretation, there is a dupe out there for you. Explore the ten options mentioned in this article and find the perfect alternative that suits your preferences. With these affordable alternatives, you can enjoy the rich and earthy aroma of rose without breaking the bank.






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