Zara Perfume Dupes: The Most Well Known Perfume Dupes, But Are They Any Good?

The world of perfume can be a confusing one. From the different types of perfumes to the different scents, it can be hard to find the right one for you. If you are looking for a new Zara scent that is similar to other expensive perfumes from brands like Viktor & Rolf, Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, or Dior, we have got you covered. Unfortunately not all of the zara perfume copies hold up against the designer scents, so it's worth checking out which ones actually hold a candle to your favourite designer perfumes. 

What Are Perfume Dupes?

Perfume dupes are cheaper alternatives to more expensive perfumes. They can be from the same designer, but in a different fragrance or they could be from another designer. Perfume dupes are popular because they can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the scent of perfume without spending too much money on it. There's no doubt, it's not an easy task for the manufacturer to make a product that is in the same time unique and similar to the original product.

The Best From Our Zara Perfume Review

Products We Liked: Zara Apple Juice, Cherry Smoothie, Vibrant Leather

Dupes We Really Didn't Like: Black Amber

Zara womens dupes are generally a little bit better than the mens, vibrant leather is ok, but there are much better creed dupes from the competition, particularly copycat's executive. 

Best Dupes For Men Best Womens Dupes

What Criteria Do We Use For Zara Perfume Dupes?

The first thing that we look for is value for money. It's necessary for the customers to get a decent amount of quality products for the money they're spending. We don't expect the smell of the fragrance to be completely the same as the original product, but it should be similar.

Customers Zara Perfume Reviews

Generally speaking the customers reviews of Zara Perfumes are rarely as good as what the major magazines seem to tell us. We have to wonder if this has anything to do with said magazines getting nice size advertising cheques from Zara. 

There are a couple that are ok, but avoid any that cost under £25, that's usually a pretty good sign that they're not going to be the best option. And most of the reddit reviews (aka the unbiased ones) tend to agree with us.

Zara Perfume Dupes FAQ

Want to know more about zara perfume clones?

Are Zara Perfume Clones Any Good? 

Honestly, the vast majaority of zara dupes are pretty poor by comparison to the essence vault or copycat fragrances.

Zara Perfumes Vs The Originals

The main issue with zara is staying power, some of them do smell like a decent match for the first 30 mins, but they really don't hold up well against the originals. 

Are Zara Fragrances Any Good? 

Zara fragrances are mediocre. They have some unique products and some great alternatives to the more expensive perfumes on the market. Some fragrances are much too weak, which might be a letdown for some people. A couple of Zara perfumes are not as similar to the original fragrances. All in all, we've seen better perfumes on the market. If you want an actual clone that is almost 100% similar to the original product, Copycat offers a range of perfume dupes which, in our opinion, are a lot better than Zara.

Zara Perfume Review: Final Thoughts

Zara definitely tries to bring a good experience with some of its unique products and dupes. Most clones they offer seem to have very similar fragrances to the original products, which is a good thing. 

Unfortunately, several perfumes we've come across didn't have promising customer feedback, and some don't seem to be good clones. Because of that, we can't say Zara Perfume Dupes are the best we've seen on the market.

Try CopyCat
Criteria Score
Closeness To Original 3/10
Staying Power 3/10
Price 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Product Range 8/10
Total 4/10