What We're Looking For In A Tobacco Vanille Copy

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is one of the most popular fragrances in the range, with rich spicy notes and a strong, but not overpowering musk of tobacco leaf. 

The eau de parfum carries with it a suave sophistication that congers visions of swanky cigar rooms and classy cocktails perfect for the man who wants to show the world that he's got an elegant sense of style, unfortunately the price tag is where it comes unstuck for a lot of people outside of special occasions. 

But, what if you wanted to wear something like this everyday? Coming in at £300 a bottle could be a little bit steep. So, that leaves us looking for a cheaper similar alternative, or perhaps even a tabacco vanille clone? What are the options? We have a look at the best tabacco vanille clones, copies and smell alikes.

Tobacco Vanille Scent Profile

High Notes: Tobacco, Oriental Spice

Mid Notes: Tonka Bean, Tobacco Flower, Vanilla and Cocoa

Base Notes: Dry Fruit, Sweet Wood Sap

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Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille FAQ

Want to know more about tobacco vanille?

How Long Does Tobacco Vanille Last?

A spray of tobacco vanille should last for around 8-12 hours, like most eau de parfum's they're stronger than an aftershave or a eau de toilette. As for Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille aftershaves, aka inferior quality copies, they'll tend to last for one to two hours. However, our best copy is a proper eau de parfum or perfume oil and will last as long as the original.

Are Tobacco Vanille Clones Any Good?

Some yes, others no, the copycat tobacco vanille that we gave our number one spot to is, and essence vault's option isn't bad, although you can tell that the latter is not the original, it's slightly weaker on the tobacco leaf notes.

Why Is Tobacco Vanille So Expensive?

Unlike a Tobacco Vanille replica the original has the fancy bottle and the Tom Ford logo slapped on it. Other than that, we're not 100% sure. It's not like it's made in a traditional small shop like creed products are and honestly the quality whilst good doesn't seem to justify the price on the original. Functionally it's a statement piece to have in your bathroom and nobody would ever know if you refilled your bottle.

The Best Tobacco Vanille Replica TV by Copycat

In our side by side tests we couldn't tell the difference between Copycat TV and full price Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. So, when it comes to the scent profile, the notes match up perfectly. Whether that's the creamy tonka bean, sweet tobacco spirits, or top notes of vanilla and dried fruits, they've got the Tom Ford perfume down to an art. And there's no question about which of the two wins on price with copycat coming in at one fifth of the price. So, what about staying power? Can Copycat hold up?

There's no doubt that the top notes held up perfectly after a night out, although towards the end of the evening, and this is about 5 hours in, it seemed that the dry fruit accords had started to fade a little bit more than the original would normally do. But, we really are splitting hairs, and it's quite possibly less difference than could be noticed depending on what you've had for dinner could effect your sweat.