What We're Looking For In A Lost Cherry Clone

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is one of the most popular fragrances by Tom Ford and it’s a perfect addition for spring. Offering a flirty and sensual fragrance that is perfect for date night. Obviously the original is a little on the pricey side, so fortunately there’s some pretty good Lost Cherry Dupes out there. The notes are a little unusual as surprisingly cherry isn’t actually that common of a scent, but it’s also not too hard to mimic as long as the dupe maker manages to avoid it smelling too artificial. 

Fortunately 3 of the usual suspects have managed to do it quite well nailing the almost and cherry notes that give Tom Ford Lost Cherry it’s signature luxurious scent. We’re looking for a scent with the staying power, of Tom Ford of course, in terms of scent the top notes should be sweet and not artificial fading through the nutty textures and ending with the woody based notes without being overpowered by the alcohol as some of the lesser Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupes do. 

Lost Cherry Scent Profile

Lost Cherry top notes:  Black Cherry, Almond

The middle notes:
 Sour Cherry, Vanilla, Spice     

The base notes:
 Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Peru Balsam

The best of the dozens of Lost Cherry clones we tested was copycat, followed by zara's and with the essence vault lost cherry bringing up the third spot.

CopyCat Lost Cherry

Lost Cherry: The Ultimate Date Night Scent

Lost Cherry is a very sensual fragrance, it does work for everyday wear, but may be a bit much for the office. We always like a bit of Tom Ford here, but if you do wear one of the dupes during the day we’d say keep it to a single spritz as it can be a bit overwhelming.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry FAQ

Want to know more about lost cherry?

How Long Does Lost Cherry Last?

Tom Ford lost cherry is quite potent and the top notes hold for about 8 hours, with the scent often sitting on the skin overnight. The best dupes of lost cherry manage to do the same.

Are Lost Chery Clones Any Good?

Some are, some most definitely aren't we only found 3 that we'd be happy to recommend as reasonable alternatives to the original. There are a few that also manage pretty good scent copies, but they didn't last on the skin for more than an hour or so.

The Best Tom Ford Lost Cherry Copy: Cherry by Copycat

In our side by side test we couldn't particularly tell them apart after 30 mins. In the very initial spray test there is a notable difference for the first minute or so, but this soon fades. The cherry comes off perhaps a little too strong for those first few seconds. The middle notes hold up with the sour cherry and vanilla giving the scent it's almost bakewell like appeal and even catch the subtle turkish rose.

After this it settles and you can't really tell the two appart when it's on the skin. The staying power is just as good as the original and the customer reviews of the product holds up for a good 6-8 hours. All in all we've got no complaints with CopyCat Fragrance Lost Cherry.