What Were Looking For In An Alien Dupe Perfume

Alien by Mugler is an A-list fragrance created for women. It was launched in 2005, and the perfumers behind this iconic scent were Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere. Alien quickly built up a solid fan base, and the fragrance has remained popular ever since.

Described by fans as having a warm amber glow, Alien by Mugler has an appealing combination of notes that include white floral, amber and other warm and woody base notes. The initial hit of fresh Jasmine quickly lifts the spirits before the warmer mid and base notes work their way through.

Alien has a solid top floral note which is unmistakably Jasmine. Heaven for lovers of floral scents, but it can feel a little cloying at first to those who prefer more citrus or fresh fruity aromas. However, patience is key here as the fragrance quickly warms up with an alluring dry down of earthy white Amber. This scent cleverly wraps you in a soft, warm, intimate robe of delightful fragrance with excellent staying power.  

Alien Scent Profile:

High Notes: Indian Jasmine 
Mid Notes: Cashmeran wood 
Base Notes: White Amber  

Mugler Alien Clone FAQ

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Alien by Mugler History

Following the success of Angel, Thierry Mugler wanted to make an impact with another high-profile fragrance. It took thirteen years before Alien was released, but it helped him successfully challenge the scent world once again.

The creators of Alien, Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere, based their scent around three key features: warmth from white Amber, woody mid notes at heart, and bright and sunny Indian Jasmine at the top.

What makes Alien stand out from many of its contemporaries is that it is based around these three single notes. Leading perfumers can sometimes overcomplicate fragrances by including an overwhelming number of ingredients in the mix. The creators of Alien kept things simple by basing the scent on three key elements, and their experiment paid off with a signature scent of seductive Jasmine, glowing Amber, and warm Woods.

Are Mugler Clones Any Good?

The copycat fragrances is one great, we really couldn't tell them apart.

The Best Alien Dupe: Alien by Copycat Fragrances

The amber-woody fragrance of Alien by Copycat delivers you a rich and mysterious aroma that mimics the original scent perfectly. This replica scent by Copycat was inspired by Alien by Mugler, and their perfumers have replicated the original's deep warmth without the hefty price tag.

Our testers could instantly pick out the fragrant top note of sweet Jasmine and were impressed by how well-blended the woody heart notes and base notes of Amber were. Our testers found the scent of Copycat Alien mellowed out into a sweet yet seductive fragrance that was highly appealing.

Copycat by Alien has cleverly captured the three keynotes of the original in this bold, rich, deep and sexy replica scent. We doubt anyone could distinguish between Mugler's Alien and this replica version.

We particularly liked how the soft and delicate Jasmine top notes of Copycat Alien envelop you in a heady yet creamy aura, quickly followed by an evocative mix of warm woods and Amber.

As for staying power, Alien by Copycat stood up well to our testing. It remained smelling warm and comforting all day in the office, and a quick reapplication left our testers with a lasting impression for the whole night.