What We're Looking For In A Louis Vuitton Stellar Times Dupe

Stellar Times by Louis Vuitton is a popular fragrance for women and men with warm amber tones lifted by a fresh floral edge. The fragrance was launched by Louis Vuitton in 2021 and was developed by renowned perfumer Jacques Cavallier.    

The fragrance has notably sweet and creamy overtones, with a warm heart of white amber helping to ground the scent and prevent it from becoming too heady. It has an above-average longevity, making it a popular choice for people wanting to go directly from the office to a night out on the town while still smelling fresh.     

A good dupe fragrance will include the delicious vanilla notes of Peru balsam that round out Stellar Times and add depth to balance the sweet freshness of orange blossoms. You should look for a dupe with an overall soft wood feel that isn't too masculine for women to wear, nor too sweet or floral for men to appreciate.   

Stellar Times Scent Profile:

High Notes: Orange Blossom    
Mid Notes: Amber, floral    
Base Notes: Peru Balm  

Louis Vuitton Stellar Times Clone FAQ

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Louis Vuitton Stellar Times History

Following the success of Angel, Thierry Mugler wanted to make an impact with another high-profile fragrance. It took thirteen years before Alien was released, but it helped him successfully challenge the scent world once again.

The creators of Alien, Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere, based their scent around three key features: warmth from white Amber, woody mid notes at heart, and bright and sunny Indian Jasmine at the top.

What makes Alien stand out from many of its contemporaries is that it is based around these three single notes. Leading perfumers can sometimes overcomplicate fragrances by including an overwhelming number of ingredients in the mix. The creators of Alien kept things simple by basing the scent on three key elements, and their experiment paid off with a signature scent of seductive Jasmine, glowing Amber, and warm Woods.

Are ​Louis Vuitton Stellar Times Clones Any Good?

Copycat just released one that's relly close. Before then we'd say they were a relatively mixed bag. 

Stellar By Copycat: The Best Stellar Times Clone

This is by far the best clone of stellar times that we've come across. Matching the scent profile almost perfectly with only the top notes fading slightly more agressively after 6 hours of wear we can't fault it when you consider it's 75% less expensive. The balance of the citrus, woods and floral notes has been done really well here.

Our blind tests had it not coming across as being decernably different on the skin after 30 minutes although for the first 10 copycat's version was a bit more saccharine. 

Projection was good and clear, with the lead orange notes coming in strong from range and the base not being lost.

We'd highly recommend CopyCat Stellar to anyone looking to replace the louis vuitton original.