Match Fragrances Unfortunately Don't Match Up To The Best Perfume Clones On The Market

Match Fragrances are a copycat fragrance brand. The company specialises in creating aftershaves and perfumes that smell like high-end, expensive products without a big price tag.   

This brand is based in the UK. As a business idea, Match Fragrances are not the first company to try and be a clone. Creating discount versions of expensive fragrances is common.   

As clones go, this isn’t a particularly special brand. There are definitely better clones out there, and it shows. It’s not that the company doesn’t have a good range or doesn’t try - of course, it does - but the inescapable issue comes from the challenges of trying to replicate high-street smells. You either get it right, or you don’t, and this is the latter.

The Best From Match Fragrances

Products We Liked: DS, 540, Lost Cherry

Dupes We Really Didn't Like: Aventus, Spicebomb

We generally recommend either CopyCat or Essence Vault for better quality dupes than those made by Match Fragrances. With CopyCat having a better mens offering and Essence Vault for women.

Best Dupes For Men Best Womens Dupes

What Kind of Criteria Do We Rate Match Fragrances With?

So, when we set out to rank or review a clone fragrance website, it’s important to look at objective criteria.   First of all, is the brand value for money? How much do you get for your cash? How effective are the fragrances on offer? How much do they resemble the original product that they are copying?   Match Fragrances does okay in this regard. The value of money isn’t bad. You wind up paying about £35 for a large bottle. 

That’s not so bad, but when you consider the massive price jump that happens each time you change sizes, it does stack up.   Regarding authenticity, it’s important to remember what we’re dealing with here. A proper clone fragrance brand can’t fully replicate the exact ingredients and smell of a leading perfume. There are copyright laws which prevent that.  

With that being said, some fragrances are lacking. It’s clear that creating something 99% accurate doesn’t always work, and this is a good example. There are quite a few options in the range which are very pale limitations of the existing fragrances they try to replicate.

Match Fragrances Review FAQ

Want to know more about match fragrances?

Is Match Fragrances Legal? 

Yes, inspired by fragrances are legal, there is some issues if they are using the brand names around trademarks, but yes it's completely fine for you to own a clone perfume.

What Are Perfume Notes? 

When we talk about fragrances, we will make reference to top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Essentially, this is the order in which the smells sit inside the bottle. So, you will encounter the top notes first, followed by the heart notes, and then the base notes will creep in at the end.

It’s an important distinction to note because this helps to give fragrances some complexity. It’s not just one smell - there are multiple aromas in a single fragrance.

Customers Match Fragrances Reviews

Whilst we don't like to put a lot of faith in curated on site reviews, they do actually agree with our experience of Match Fragrances, it doesn't take more than a second to see which of their product people actually like. We do agree that their lost cherry is good, and their black orchid is decent (although it does lean heavier on the feminine scents) so we can understand the positive match fragrance reviews. The catch with curated reviews is that there's also a lot of products we tested that were just bad, and we don't get to see those.

Are Any Perfume Clones Good? 

We have unfortunately for Match Fragrances, picked up some of their worst offerings, but with the exclusion of their black cherry dupe, we can't think of a single product from their line where they would not be beaten out by either CopyCat Fragrances or The Essence Vault. Which are two examples of good dupe perfume makers.

Match Fragrances Vs CopyCat Fragrances

There really is no contest here. Copycat is actually pretty good at dupes. The overall quality is better and much more authentic. The reproductions smell a lot like the actual products they are mimicking. Plus, there’s a pretty good selection of big-name tributes out there. Particularly their mens offering. We recommend you use copycat for Aventus, Dior Sauvage, Tobacco Vanille and Baccarat 540.

The Essence Vault Vs Match Fragrances

Again it's a loss for Match Fragrances, it's not quite so much of an embaressing defeat. But, the essence vault is better for all of the womens options with the exception of Lost Cherry and Black Orchid. And as for the mens, they do beat them there too, just not by as much as copycat.

MatchFragrances Review: Final Thoughts

So, Match Fragrances falls just a little short. The problem with trying to create clone fragrances is that you have to faithfully replicate the original product or create something inspired by the original product which has enough of a unique twist to make it stand as its own smell.  

Unfortunately, the one thing that Match Fragrances doesn’t do particularly well is either of those things. The products they do have smell a lot like imitations, but there’s nothing unique about them to offset that. Instead, they just come off as a bit cheap and cheerful. In some cases they do actually last a bit longer than the original, especially if compared to Dior Sauvage, which just never seems to last as long as we'd like their eau de parfum to.      

When you compare Match Fragrances to someone like Copycat, the difference in quality is night and day. Copycat fragrances are near enough exact reproductions and with only a couple of flops we’d highly recommend them over the competition. Alternatively, The Essence Vault is also a better option than Match, especially for women’s options where CopyCat’s range is a little bit more limited. 

Criteria Score
Closeness To Original 6/10
Staying Power 8/10
Price 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Product Range 8/10
Total 6/10
Try CopyCat Instead