What we are looking for in a Gucci Flora Dupe

Gucci Flora quickly became a signature scent for modern women when it launched in 2009. The fragrance was the brainchild of Frida Giannini, former creative director for Gucci.    

With heavy floral overtones, Gucci Flora has been described as a fresh, invigorating experience not dissimilar to breathing in the heady scent from a floral bridal bouquet. On first smelling Flora, you get a perfect blend of fresh fruit and flowers that instantly lightens your mood.     

The scent quickly warms up as essences of wood and spice come through, adding a layer of class and romance with a nostalgic edge. The overall impression of Gucci Flora is one of subtle sophistication, warmth and allure. Princess Grace of Monaco initially inspired Flora, so it is no surprise that it had a dedicated following for many years.   

Gucci Flora Scent Profile:

High Notes: Mandarin Orange and Peony    

Mid Notes: Osmanthus and Rose    

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli and Pink Pepper  

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Clone FAQ

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Gucci Flora History

The Flora fragrance for women was inspired by the Flora pattern from Gucci, which debuted on their line of bags in 2005. However, the iconic print design goes back decades to a custom gift crafted for Princess Grace of Monaco.

Princess Grace bought a green Gucci bag from the flagship Milan store. Rodolfo Gucci, Guccio Gucci's son, gave her a special gift to thank her for her support. The Princess initially requested a scarf, so Gucci commissioned illustrator and textile designer Vittorio Accornero to design a floral scarf.

Accornero's floral print contained 37 colours and an array of flora and fauna, including daffodils, poppies, butterflies and beetles. The fresh florals of the print were the main inspiration for the Flora perfume.

Are Gucci Gorgeous Any Good?

So far we've found one really good gucci gorgeous clone, the rest are pretty middling.

Zara Gucci Flora Dupe: Cherry Sling by Zara

Cherry Sling has a beautiful bouquet of pear, peony and peach, which is very reminiscent of Gucci Flora and gives your senses a lift like a breath of fresh air. The overall impression is of aromatic fruits and citrus scents drawn down with warm sandalwood and vanilla base notes.

With high notes of cherry and plumb, mid notes of mandarin orange and pear, and warm woody base notes coming from sandalwood, our testers found Cherry Sling evoked a feeling of soft femininity, with a sophisticated edge added by warm woody tones that would sit well with women of all ages.

Our testers were keen to try Cherry Sling by Zara as they were already fans of Gucci Flora. They found the replica scent to be light and fruity, but despite the name couldn't really detect any strong cherry notes. There are distinct highlights of juicy pears, apples and plums but no prominent cherry scent.