What we are looking for in a good One Million Dupe

One Million is a top-selling fragrance for men. Created for Paco Rabanne in 2008, it quickly became a best-seller and the number one choice for men looking for a statement cologne to wear after dark. It has also become a popular scent to clone, and many perfume houses have attempted to recreate what One Million delivers, but for a lower price.    

One Million is a heady mix of fresh citrus and mint, with warmer mid-tones coming from rose and spices. The deep base notes have a woody edge but with more earthy and leather tones to create a warm and inviting scent that tantalises your senses.  

One Million Scent Profile:

High Notes: Blood Mandarin, Mint and Grapefruit    

Mid Notes: Rose, Cinnamon and warm spices    

Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, leather and wood  

Paco Rabanne One Million Clone FAQ

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One Million History

One Million was the brainchild of three talented perfumers; Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. The famous fragrance was launched in 2008 by Paco Rabanne and comes packaged in a now iconic gold bar-style bottle. 

The popularity of One Million was primarily due to it having one of the best opening experiences of any leading male colognes. Your olfactory system is treated to a hit of sweet cinnamon elegantly blended with warm, wood notes to give it some depth. 

There is a distinctive fresh zing of mint and grapefruit that wakes up the senses. The citrus tones gently settle and fade into the background after their initial impact, leaving behind a warm sweetness from rose and spices that lead into the dry-down base notes of leather and wood.

Are ​One Million Clones Any Good?

There's a couple of good ones available, TEV's one is a good place to start.

The Best One Million Replica: The Essence Vault 189

189 by The Essence Vault was inspired by One Million and shares many similar notes, including blood orange, grapefruit, cinnamon, mint, rose, spices, light leather, white wood, patchouli and amber.

Our team of testers loved sampling 189 and thought it would make an excellent cologne to wear during cooler months when your senses need a lift from a sweet yet warm scent like this. The fresh top notes of 189 are very invigorating and would give you a nice energy boost for a night out on the town.

While 189 is excellent for wearing after dark, just like the original One Million, it is still subtle and fresh enough to wear casually for work or socialising during the day. While smelling almost exactly the same as One Million, our team found the scent mellowed out to leave a pleasant lasting scent with warm wood and leather overtones.