What We're Looking For In A ​Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe

If you are already a fan of Baccarat Rouge 540, you will already know why people love it so much. But if you are curious to learn why it is such a popular fragrance, it can be well worth checking out a high-quality Baccarat Rouge dupe first.   So, what is all the fuss about with Baccarat Rouge 540, and why has it become such a hit.    

To start with, it is a unisex perfume created by the Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume house. The Eau de parfum has a juicy blood-orange essence that lifts the senses but is also centred by lavender, sage, and earthy saffron tones.     

Now seen as one of the best perfumes in the world, many perfume producers have tried to mimic its heady scent for a more cost-effective price. When you consider that a bottle of genuine Baccarat Rouge 540 will set you back around £250, is it any wonder that fans of the top-notch scent are seeking out high-quality dupes instead?  

Baccarat Rouge 540 Scent Profile

High Notes: ​Saffron, Jasmine

Mid Notes: Amberwood, Ambergris

Base Notes: Cedar

Best copy Best Similar

What Else Makes A Good Baccarat Rouge Clone

The original Baccarat Rouge 540 is a well-balanced oriental scent that is blended to appeal to both men and women. The perfume was launched in 2014 and re-released in 2016, and it quickly stormed to the top of the charts in the fragrance marketplace. The Eau de parfum boasts a warming oriental floral fragrance. The re-launched formulation contains notes of cedar, saffron and amber wood that balance the floral notes and gives a warm and spicy edge that is appealing to men. Any fragrance dupe worthy of its salt has a lot to contend with because Baccarat Rouge 540 is such a curious mix of flavours. We would expect to experience a sweet edge of candy floss and burnt toffee apple, followed closely by juicy fruits and warm woody notes.  

Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes Review FAQ

Want to know more about baccarat rouge 540?

How Long Does 540 Last?

Baccarat Rouge typically lasts for around 8 hours, it's a strong eau de parfum, copycat's 540 is pretty similar in this and we couldn't really notice any difference with the dupe.

Are Baccarat Rouge Clones Any Good?

Some are better than others, if we look at match fragrances, no. The essence vault is OK, and Copycat Fragrances is actually very good. We couldn't really tell the difference. 

Why Is Baccarat Rouge So Expensive?

There's a fair bit of brand cost attached to baccarat rouge, otherwise the dupes wouldn't be able to do it so much cheaper. That said, some of the ingredients in this one are quite pricey. Saffron and Ambergris particularly are two of the most expensive fragrances that you can add to an eau de parfum.

The Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes: 540 by Copycat

Our team of testers enjoyed this challenge. What we found is that the Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe by Copycat came out on top for matching the fragrance but also for its impressive longevity.   You can mostly expect a spray of the original Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau du parfum to last between 8 to 12 hours before it loses its effect, so we were delighted to find that the Copycat dupe held up well after a night on the tiles.    

The fragrance is an ideal all-year-round choice and is suitable for wearing at work and while out socialising. The scent lasted all day in the office, and friends commented on how nice it smelled and were asked what perfume it was.   The Copycat Baccarat Rouge 540 costs just £49.95 with free delivery, so the price is a steal compared to the original Eau de parfum. The fragrance is inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 and uses a combination of high-quality perfume oils to recreate the sweet and intoxicating scent of the original.    

Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 Notes:  
Customer feedback for this dupe fragrance is overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting that this is a fantastic fragrance at an affordable price.   It has a musky yet sweet and floral fragrance, with an undertone of woodsy scents, just like  Baccarat Rouge 540.   We can see that the Copycat dupe uses 90 per cent of the same ingredients as Baccarat Rouge 540, so it is no wonder that this dupe came out on top with our comparison research.