What We're Looking For In A Good Cheap Aftershave

Cheap aftershaves don't have to be poor quality, there are options out there that don't cost the earth and it doesn't even mean that you have to get stuck with an eau de toilette that only lasts for an hour or two. You want to smell great all night, meaning that you want an eau de parfum. The long and short of it means it's not watered down.

The next thing you'll want to look for is something that smells good, and there's a few ways to go about this. We typically don't recommend going after the watered down versions of the designers. For example, Dior Sauvage comes in three versions, an eau de toilette, eau de parfum and a parfum. The quality of the ingredients increases as does the amount of perfume oils and the cost increases quite dramatically.

This means if we're looking for something good below £50's we've got two options. To look for the diamond in the rough brands, or the copycats. The fact is that it doesn't cost £100s to make these fragrances, and it's pretty easy to reverse engineer them with modern technology, so we've got a few options here that will allow you to smell expensive, without breaking the bank.

We're going to be rating the fragrances, on scent quality, staying power, value and talking about what situations they're most suitable for. We'll be looking at both clones and the best cheap aftershaves that are originals in their own right. 

Cheap Aftershaves FAQ

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What Are Perfume Notes? 

If you're wondering what we mean by notes, there are typically 3 sets of notes in aftershaves, we refer to these as the top notes, the mid notes and the base notes. The top notes are what you smell first, mids second and base, are well the base of the fragrance. The sweeter notes tend to be what we notice first, with your muskier scents being the base.

Executive - Best Creed Aventus Clone

You want to smell rich, but you don't want to drop £300's on Creed, that's where Executive comes in. Aventus is an iconic smell that a lot of people can pick out from a distance. Copycat nailed their copy of this one a few years ago and managed to recreate Aventus to a tee at a fraction of the price. 

Executive Scent Profile

Executive matches the Creed Aventus scent profile You’ll notice that it is, immediately, a very sweet offering, with fruit notes of apple, pineapple and blackcurrant, which makes it a great choice for the summer when you’re out and about although simply due to the fact Aventus seems to be so popular with the fairer sex a lot of men use it all year round.

Executive Adaptability

The mid and based notes do help it work for the autumn months with some noticeable earthy tones of oakmoss and ambergris. This helps to build some much-needed depth and create an aroma which is rich and masculine. Although we still typically prefer it as a summer option.

Lots of guys use it as a signature smell because it’s got a bit of everything, which does mean if you can only have one aftershave then creed is a safe bet.

Executive Staying Power

In terms of staying power Copycat's version lasts as long as the Creed original, and if we really sniff for it, the top notes come through a little stronger than the original after about 3 hours, but that's in line with how different people's skin would effect the scent profile anyway, so nobody would ever be able to tell.

Customers Copycat Executive Reviews

It's another set of full marks for CopyCat's Aventus, the only real complaints that we've come across are the odd couple about the product getting damaged in shipping, but looks like CopyCat addressed that and resent out fresh fragrances.