What We're Looking For In A Bitter Peach Dupe

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford is a popular fragrance released in October 2020 as part of Private Blend's collection.    

This is a heady blend of scents that really appeals to both men and women. First, you will experience an uplifting sense of amber and vanilla tones, with fresh, top notes of  Peach, Blood Orange, Cardamom, and Heliotrope.    

When the middle notes come through, you will pick up subtle clues of Rum, Cognac, Davana and Jasmine. The fragrance quickly rounds out and is weighed down with base notes of Indonesian Patchouli Leaf, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Cashmeran, Benzoin, Styrax, Labdanum and Vetiver.    

The combination of notes can only be described as sweet and sensual but underlaid with rich, warm and woody undertones.  

Bitter Peach Scent Profile

High Notes: Peach, Blood Orange, Heliotrope

Mid Notes: Rum, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka, Sandlewood, Vetiver

Best copy Best Similar

What Else Makes A Good Bitter Peach Clone

Tom Ford's Bitter Peach is different from most fragrances aimed solely at men. The clever combination of refreshing top notes makes a welcome change from more traditional blends that are often heavily weighed down by woody scents that are reminiscent of romping through woods and trees.   What we look for in a good Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe is a fragrance that has a sweet edge that inspires thoughts of peach trees and fruit orchards. We like that Bitter Peach has that peach and bitter orange tone that lifts your senses.    

We also like how Bitter Peach grounds and centres your mind with the addition of patchouli and labdanum oils. But this means it is an overall scent that can be very difficult to replicate.  

Tom Ford Bitter Peach Review FAQ

Want to know more about bitter peach?

How Long Does Tom Ford Bitter Peach Last?

Many Tom Ford Bitter Peach users claim a single spray of the branded fragrance lasts between 8-12 hours. However, the longevity of cologne fragrances such as these is better because they are notably more potent than an eau de toilette or an aftershave.

Regular aftershave users will know that most aftershave brands will last around two hours before they lose their strength. While this may be fine if you are heading to the office, you may need a refresh if you plan a long night out, as the scent will be mostly undetectable by the end of the evening.

Are Bitter Peach Clones Any Good?

Many cheap fragrance copies have poor staying power and tend to last as long as an average aftershave. But our testers found that our favourite Bitter Peach copy had just as much staying power as the original branded fragrance.

Our favourite Tom Ford Bitter Peach copy stood up to some rigorous testing and lasted just as long as a spray of the original. While we really liked the smell of our second-place choice, also noted below, a little something was lacking with the scent profile that didn't match the original.

Why Is Tom Ford Bitter Peach So Expensive?

As with all top designer fragrances, you are paying for more than what comes in the bottle. There is a whole industry behind designer brand name fragrances that bump up the cost of the finished product with their input.

Think of the bottle designer who may have spent weeks developing a winning design for the bottle that pleased the majority of the investors. The Tom Ford logo also adds more gravity and desirability to any product in the range, which also adds to the cost of the branded fragrance.

People love to own statement products such as designer fragrances. But while they may proudly display a bottle of Tom Ford Bitter Peach on their bathroom shelf, no one will be wiser if you choose to refill the bottle with our recommended high-quality dupe!

It makes sense to buy a dupe because they are made for the sole purpose of smelling just like a designer fragrance but without a hefty price tag. Dupe is short for 'duplicate' and means someone else has recreated it to smell as close to the original scent as possible.

People can still indulge in their favourite high-end fragrances without breaking the bank. This is where dupe fragrances come in. They are also a more cost-effective way to try out some designer scents before splashing out on the original. It would be devastating to buy a full-price bottle of Tom Ford Bitter Peach or another expensive designer brand only to discover you don't like the smell.

The Best Bitter Peach Dupe - Peach by Copycat

In our side by side fragrance testing, we could hardly tell the difference between the original Bitter Peach and the Copycat Bitter Peach dupe.    

Bitter Peach by Copycat is a fine choice for those who want the heady combination of scents of Tom Ford Bitter Peach without the expensive price tag.     

The Copycat duplicate recipe was inspired by the leading notes used in the original, such as peach and blood orange. These fruity top notes were cleverly enhanced and balanced out with the addition of bold aromas of warm sandalwood and cognac.     

You are left with a lingering aroma of fresh, mouthwatering fruit perfectly balanced with more complex invigorating middle and base notes that lift the senses to the next level.      

As ever, the Copycat team comes through and delivers on their fragrance products' longevity once again with Bitter Peach. Our testers found the fragrance was still pleasingly present after many hours of wear during a night out.   Another thing we cannot argue about is the price. Copycat Bitter Peach is excellent value for money compared to the real thing. We doubt very much that, given a sniff test, people won't be able to tell the difference between the Copycat and the real thing.  

Bitter Peach Clone Conclusion

Our team of fragrance testers didn't hesitate to give Copycat Bitter Peach a 5/5 score for overall performance and likeness to the original Tom Ford Bitter Peach brand.    

We would highly recommend this as a cost-effective alternative to buying the original, especially if you are unsure whether or not the combination of sweet and sour fruits and woody tones would tantalise your senses.   If you are considering buying Tom Ford Bitter Peach as a gift for a friend, then the Copycat Bitter Peach dupe is an ideal way to test your friend's reaction before you splash out a lot of money on the real thing.

Criteria Score
Closeness To Original 5/5
Staying Power 5/5
Price 4/5
Customer Satisfaction 4/5
Total 4.5/5