Eden Perfume 2023: Some Good And Some Bad

Eden Perfumes are one of the more well know dupe houses in the UK. They make a big fuss that their fragrances with ingredients claimed to be 100% vegan, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free perfumes. This is pretty common place with the other dupe makers, but they don't seem to mention it nearly as much as 

Eden dupes do. Their selection is mostly aimed at women, meaning they do have more options than the likes of CopyCat and The Essence Vault in this regard, but that's pretty much where the good news for our Eden perfume reviews ends.

The Best of Eden Perfume

Products We Liked: Neroli, Light Blue for Men

Dupes We Really Didn't Like:  Scandalous

What Kind of Criteria Do We Rate Eden Perfumes With?

We judges the dup houses on how closely they match the notes, smells, and intensity, and lastly the value. 

Aside from our own experience we also look for verified customer reviews and social media takes that aren't clearly ads or filtered through edens own editors. 

Eden Perfume Review FAQ

Want to know more about Eden?

Are Eden Perfumes Legit? 

Yes for the most part Eden have tried to make decent dupes, their staying power just doesn't hold up against Copycat or the Essence Valut, we'd say Match beat them as well. They're not bad, they just wear off notably quicker than the originals and as a result do come across as a cheap copy, whereas the other dupe makers seem to have gotten this down already.

Customers Eden Perfumes Reviews

Generally speaking, most Eden Perfumes reviews we've come across were positive.

The most common complaint is the longevity of the products.  And unfortunately that's a major issue now that the competition has got this as good as the originals and actually in a couple of cases better than the EDP versions of some of the leading brands. 

For the most part the scent matching isn't too much of an issue. All in all not bad customer reviews of eden perfume outside of their own site, but it does seem to be common place that people do follow a trend of saying "you get what you pay for". 

So, Are Eden Perfumes Any Good?

Eden Perfumes are "meh". They do indeed contain some unique fragrances that are high-quality and some dupes like Light Blue which is very similar to the original product. But for the most part the big names are done better elsewhere.

However, many perfumes are too intense and that could be a huge letdown for some people. Also, many of their dupes are very different from the original product.In our opinion, if you're looking for a quality dupe that is almost completely the same as the original product, Copycat or The Essence Vault offer some of those, and they seem to be very good dupe makers.

Eden Perfumes Review: Final Thoughts

Eden Perfumes are definitely not anything special. Most fragrances they have are just cheap attempts of imitating certain products; a lot of their perfumes have mixed reviews and we can't say we're too surprised as it did match up with our experience; customers often complain about the lack of intensity to the smell of the products and poor longevity.

If you're on a strict budget and are looking for absolute cheapest clone, Eden Perfumes might work for you, but if quality dupe perfumes are what you're after, as mentioned earlier, The Essence Vault and Copycat offer a variety of fragrances that last long and be almost the same as the original products for only a tiny bit more.

Criteria Score
Closeness To Original 6/10
Staying Power 4/10
Price 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 6/10
Product Range 8/10
Total 6/10