Essence Vault 2023: Inspired Offerings Or Cheap Smell?

The Essence Vault is a clone fragrance brand. They offer high street brand scents at affordable prices. Essence Vault does not create reproductions of existing fragrances due to copyright - its product line is made of fragrances “inspired by” existing offerings.   

The brand boasts cruelty-free, vegan fragrances which are full strength - they last longer than typical Eau De Toilette scents.   

Naturally, Essence Vault is not the first to create products inspired by high street brands. Clone fragrance companies are commonplace. 

The Essence Vault is one of the better ones, arguably it's second only to CopyCat.

The Best Essence Vault Dupes

Products We Liked: DS, Bleu de Channel, La Vie Est Belle

Dupes We Really Didn't Like: Aventus

Best Dupes For Men Best Womens Dupes

What Criteria Do We Use For Essence Vault?

It is essential to look at objective criteria when reviewing a clone fragrance company.   The first criteria that we use is value for money. It’s essential to identify if customers get a good amount of quality products when they spend.     

Essence Vault offers relatively inexpensive fragrances. But, they come in two versions, the cheaper version has an average cost for a large 100mL bottle is £30. Although we generally find the £30 bottles don't last as long as we'd expect from an eau de parfum, the £50 versions however, are pretty good.

Regarding authenticity, it’s important to remember that we’re not dealing with a clone brand. They are not directly trying to replicate the smells. In many cases, they choose to go with an inspired option.   The results of a product inspired by a High Street brand can be mixed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, but in every case, the smell is unique. Not all of these fragrances are top quality, and it’s important to remember that.

The Essence Vault Review FAQ

Want to know more about copycat fragrances?

Are The Essence Vault Legit? 

Yes, in most cases you do get a very similar fragrance for a fracion of the cost, a couple of them don't hold up, but for the most part they're pretty good copies, you can tell side by side, but after a few hours you won't notice when it settles against your natural scents.

What Are Perfume Notes? 

As we talk about the brand's fragrances, we will reference specific types of notes. These notes are top notes, heart notes, and base notes. You need to understand this is how the beauty and fragrance industry identifies what kind of smells are inside a fragrance. Top notes are what you encounter first, as the initial scent, followed by the heart notes, which are in the middle of the bottle, and then the base notes at the bottom.

Customers The Essence Vault Reviews

For the most part customers review the essence vault quite well coming in over 4* second only to copycat fragrances. 

We're not surprised overall the products on offer are pretty good. The reviews of the black fragrances are usually far better. 

You should avoid the multitude of influence reviews however as most of these are sponsored. 

Is The Essence Vault Any Good? 

Tthere is quite a bit that Essence Vault are good, there's just better amongst the competition. 

Brands like Copycat are more effective. This is a clone fragrance website which offers a broad range of quality products. Their fragrances are much closer to high street brands and have a subtle change that makes them as good, if not better.

The Essence Vault Review: Final Thoughts

Essence Vault does try to deliver a good experience, and a lot of the fragrances it does offer are unique. As products that have been inspired by High Street brands, they’re not trying to deliberately copy, but this ultimately let some down.  

The inspirations are often quite different in terms of how they smell from the originals, and a lot of the original intention is lost with it. In some cases, the brand that inspired the product is very detached from the finished fragrance, and that can be quite confusing. As long as you remember that this is a brand that creates inspiration for its fragrances, rather than being an outright clone, you won’t have any misconceptions.

Criteria Score
Closeness To Original 7/10
Staying Power 5 white or 10/10 black
Price 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Product Range 9/10
Total 8/10
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